2017-05-29 19:18:58 by Shool

Just wanna mention, if you wanna see more from me I am active on both Tumblr and Twitter.


and Twitter:

Applying Suggestions #1

2017-05-24 04:15:44 by Shool

Again, I appreciate getting feedback on my work.

Here's my first edit to a picture from feedback, some line cleanup on a character portrait.


Link to Edit/Original Post:

Link to Original Newgrounds Picture:

Thanks :D

2017-05-17 15:48:50 by Shool

I didn't know how much I wanted a rating system for art until Newgrounds.

Most other websites I post something and it's either share or ignore, but at least on here I can get a passive judgment on my pictures.

Thank you, for rating! :D


2017-05-16 18:36:31 by Shool

I apperently made this Newgrounds account several years ago, but I only started posting art today.

Glad I can be back.