Entry #1


2017-05-16 18:36:31 by Shool

I apperently made this Newgrounds account several years ago, but I only started posting art today.

Glad I can be back.


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2017-05-16 19:34:10

Even though you made this account years ago, I should properly welcome you, because I can and I have nothing better to do. Hello! Welcome BACK, to Newgrounds, home of the best flash games and independent animation. If you haven't already read the forum rules please do so to ensure that you don't cause any trouble. You can always contact a mod or admin if there is a major problem you're trying to deal with.

Welcome back to the community. And your art is amazing, you should definitely be scouted

Shool responds:

Newgrounds is still such a wonderful website I see.
Thanks for the welcome. :)